I’m Britt and I’ve struggled with food, body image, and balance my entire life, and it’s not fun. Fad diets, starving myself (never lasted too long), binge eating, running on zero, and comparison syndrome are all too familiar to me. 

It felt like I was always comparing myself to (thinner) women. Being taller, curvier, and constantly seeking to be the one with the flat tummy in the crowd – I couldn’t stop thinking I was the giant ogre next to the petite, stick figure of a girl next to me. Instead I wanted to be able to eat anything, wear anything, not think twice about my body and just feel plain awesome every day. 

Then suddenly my hormones went out of whack, I was ridden with cystic acne, could go days without a bowel movement and realized I was slaving away for everyone else’s dream and drowning out my own ambitions with too much alcohol, processed foods, and 12 hour days behind the computer. Oh and did I mention my relationships were hanging on by thin thread, if that? It wasn’t until I had a wake up call of not being able to answer the simple question of “what do you like to do for fun?”  

I was stumped and could not answer it to save my life. Who had I become and no wonder I was feeling so agitated from the inside out? I had completely disconnected from the true, real me. So I took matters into my own hands and I got my life back. And I didn’t just get my life back I manifested and cultivated the most beautiful life I could imagine. 

And please don’t think my whole life has been a train wreck, it’s been great. But had I had enough willpower, self-awareness, and confidence to bring out balance and stop caring or doing what everyone else thought was right … I would have reached the current state of happiness and longevity way faster. Plus some loving support in the process would have been welcomed too. 

So how did I get off this roller coaster, reach my ideal weight, get super energized and feel more connected to my work and inner-wellness?

I enrolled in various courses, found a fantastic therapist, began a daily meditation practice and began trusting my intuition and gut instincts that had been calling to me all along (I am a true Generator after all). I realized my relationship with food and the world around me was due to emotional traumas, false realities, and an outward focus. While looking inward, taking up fellow podcasters as mentors, and reading all the self-help books I could my hands on,  I then enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and realized my gut and the gifts from Mother Nature have been trying to guide me in the right direction all along. On top of it I realized every person needs different foods and lifestyles to feel their best and thrive. I stripped away all the nonsense we’ve all been brainwashed to believe and realized fueling my unique body with what it needs to thrive is actually… really, really simple. 

Today, I’m so grateful for my current life and all I’ve learned along the way. Not to mention our bodies are the most incredible works of art and machines that are constantly trying to have our back (even when we are always working against them), we should probably start honoring them more.  Oh and one more thing, I’m not perfect and I no longer strive to be perfect, because perfect doesn’t actually exist. I still have days when I overeat, get super overwhelmed, say yes when I don’t want to and fall out of balance. But I catch myself, hug myself, and pick up where I left off because as Ekhardt Tolle says, “life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour.” 

I almost forgot the best part (drumroll):  I once received a message that my purpose is to help others tap into their own true potential. And guess what? Now I get to do just that. I’m so fortunate that I get to guide hundreds of souls struggling or looking for answers just like you. Together we can overcome your weight, eating, or health challenges and mental or emotional patterns so that you too can become the healthiest version of you and find your life’s purpose along the way too. 

The work we are about to embark on will transform your life and I’m so insanely grateful to bring you in to our community. 

Let’s Do This!

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