This coming Saturday, March 20th we get to celebrate the Spring Equinox!  This is a time for rebirth, renewal, and an added sense of energy in our lives. This particular entrance into Spring feels very hopeful and magical, as if there is an added glow to our current sceneries. The colors of the flowers look brighter, the air feels fresher, and the sun seems to be offering a rejuvenating hug with his rays. 

It’s as if the natural world and our human world are slowly rising together after what has been one of the longest winters, and periods of grief and despair that we’ve experienced in recent times.  At last we all have the chance to bloom anew and grab hold of this beautiful life that is out in front of us. 

As we celebrate Spring one of my favorite things to do is partake in a cleansing and balancing ritual. Whether you perform this ritual on the Spring Equinox or take a day dedicated to your own rebalancing of your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body, I hope you find some inspiration to carry with you for your own wellbeing. The ritual is here to assist you, providing that added reset, last chance to scrub off anything you’re still holding on to, and open yourself up to receiving all of the good that is bound to come your way these next couple of months. 

Please keep in mind the below are simply ritual suggestions. Feel free to make it your own and don’t forget to tag @ambuwellness on Instagram or Facebook so that we can all share in these blissful moments together! Happy Spring Equinox!

  1. Start your morning off with slow and cozy vibes 

As our bodies are still coming out of winter hibernation mode, do your parasympathetic nervous system a favor and start your morning off S L O W. I love to take my time getting out of bed, performing some various stretches and fully waking up my physical before pulling the covers back and greeting the new air of the day. Upon brushing my teeth and sitting down to witness the changing colors of the sky outside, I like to mindfully sip on my lemon water, envisioning all of it’s healing properties cleansing my body from the inside out. I will usually move from my warm lemon water to a cozy beverage like some superfood coffee and a good book or soulful conversation. 

Lately my husband and I have been loving reading the Daily Stoic each morning where we discuss the mentioned philosophy and then reflect privately in our separate journals. Mornings, especially just after we have risen, are sacred times.  Spend them intentionally with as little technology or media as possible to give yourself a break from the stimulus of this modern world. Plus, Spring is all about rebirth and renewal so what a perfect time to form new habits. 

  1. Take time to set your intentions for the season ahead 

Often mornings, as we are just coming out of our restful dream state, are times where much inspiration and connection to our inner worlds naturally flows through.  Scientists say we are most connected to our subconscious mind as we wake up, making it the perfect time to train your brain to think positively, manifest, and practice productivity inducing habits. Take this time to soak in the energy of the new day and begin to set your intentions for this new season that is upon us. Remember Spring is the season of hope, renewal, and rebirth.  What new seeds, projects, or beginnings are you ready to plant and start nurturing? What are you ready to embrace and to receive?  Where should you put your energy? 

  1. Ground and energize with an outdoor yoga practice 

Get outside and feel the grass, dirt, or sand beneath your toes. Connect to Mother Earth and feel the strength of the earth beneath you, always supporting you. In fact, putting your feet in the grass has been shown to help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and release muscle tension. If you feel called and it is safe to do so, take the time for an outdoor yoga practice. Maybe the ground is a little bumpy or unstable, adding newness to some postures. Maybe the sun feels rejuvenating on your skin and the soft breeze like a breath of fresh air.  Allow yourself to move your body and become one with nature for at least 20 minutes, focusing on all that you are leaving behind, so that you can create space to call in a more aligned sense of abundance this season. 

  1. Circle back to your intentions or take savasana 

Moving our bodies puts us into a state of vibrational alignment so after yoga you may want to circle back to your intentions and journaling practice from the morning to see if there is anything else you’d like to add for this beautiful season ahead of us. Tapping into that state of the post-movement endorphins, you may want to close your eyes and connect to your breath for a couple minutes or even lay back for a meditative savasana. Plus connecting to your breath (meditating) after moving your body actually aids your body in recovery and reduces your cortisol levels. Which is why there is no coincidence as to why savasana quickly becomes most of our favorite elements of our yoga practice. 

  1. Sweat therapy 

One of my most favorite detoxing practices is an infrared sauna session.  If you don’t have an infrared sauna or access to one, stay outside and soak in about 10 more minutes of vitamin D on your skin for extra benefits.  Infrared sauna therapy has a host of health benefits as it is one of the best ways to give yourself a boost while releasing all that doesn’t serve your mind and body. I actually like to intentionally focus on my body releasing all that is not serving her in the sauna so that we can create more space to receive after the fact. Infrared saunas carry a host of benefits including relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, immune support, clearer skin, and improved circulation. 

  1. Purification – Create your at home spa 

What comes after a good sweat sesh? A warm bath and a purifying face mask. 

Seriously though, why rush to shower off and start “doing” today?  Give yourself permission to fully lean in to cleansing, cleaning, and rebalancing yourself today.   Now if you have the privilege, I do think it feels nice to lightly rinse off before getting in the bath, but that’s just me.  

One of my favorite springtime baths includes tea tree oil (purification), chamomile (relaxation), and lemon slices (brightens your energy). I usually like to pair my bath with a book or some soft music, and a mug of chamomile tea with coconut milk for double relaxation. Chamomile has been used in ancient traditions to assist in calling in abundance so this flower is perfect for adding some extra intention to your Spring seeds you planted earlier today. I’ve also found it to feel super luxurious (queen like) to bring a bowl of fruit to snack on while I’m in the bath. Our bodies are better able to digest food when in relaxed states, so what better way to absorb all the nutrients from fruit than in the bath? 

And yes don’t forget the face mask or facial scrub.  Two of my latest natural favorites have been Four Sigmatic’s Superfood Face Mask, it literally smells like brownie batter on your face, and Basic Girl Co.’s All Clear Face Scrub.  Both leave my skin feeling completely refreshed, cleaned, and oh so soft. 

  1. Support yourself while you integrate all the magic from your day 

Okay so final step of the cleansing + balancing ritual!  Shower off after your bath and put on something cozy. Soft fabrics are a total game changer, I couldn’t recommend them enough. You’ll want to nourish your physical body with a comforting lunchtime meal that will support all of the self-care you just did for yourself. I usually don’t recommend eating raw vegetables right away, unless you are craving a crunchy salad, then by all means give your body what he or she is asking for.  Instead I’ve found a bowl of warm veggies or a nice light curry with rice or a vegetable soup can feel really satisfying and is equally good for your digestion today. After such a wonderful morning you don’t want to set your system off, so feed it something that will support you in integrating all of the work you did for yourself. 

Following this ritual and celebration of Spring, you’ll really want to spend the rest of your day soaking in the wonders of this new season. Enjoy a book in a hammock or at a park, open up your windows and let the fresh air fill your home, and cleanse your space if you haven’t yet. Do your best to not DO for the rest of the day and just BE. Bonus points if you watch the sunset tonight soaking in your gratitude for the longer days that are ahead.

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  1. Very inviting ritual! Nicely written with motivational prose! I hope many people take advantage of doing the 7 steps!

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