Okay so it’s taken me awhile to write about this as the inspiration really wasn’t coming to me, so I sat back and decided I would wait until the time was right. Well this morning after creating space for myself I was suddenly filled with so many visions, and ultimately gratitude for where I currently sit in my overall health journey. Today is the day I share a quick overview, which will be followed up on more details and updates as my journey continues to expand. 

​Journey is a huge key word here, for taking the reins on your health is not something that happens overnight. My interest in bettering my overall health and looking at different healing modalities has really been an interest since I can remember, but truly first began the summer of 2018. This ride was then quickly stimulated even more so, out of the passion of love, upon my now husband suddenly becoming hospitalized and then later diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease.  During the experience I was so grateful for the medical team who literally saved his life but couldn’t wrap my head around why they weren’t looking at the whole picture, and ironically enough seemed to be ignoring other factors that I felt deep down inside of me were all connected. And after much frustration, a loss for proper treatment, and the thought of the next 60+ years being an experiment of the next best pharmaceutical medication; my online research began and so did the experiments with various alternative modalities. 

*Please note that when I reference ‘online research’ as I will several times. That term doesn’t mean googling and looking at the first WebMD article that pops up. It means digging deep, finding both traditional medical and alternative research studies, articles, discovering various theories and practices, testimonials, and real-life experiments; in order to study it all and put together various pieces that made sense for what we were dealing with. 

​Fast forward to a year spent as the guinea pig exploring differing options myself before suggesting Dan try different things. Through that, I equally began taking a new look to my own health, consumptions, lifestyle and factors that I had intuitive inclinations on but never really explored myself. I’ve also always been a ‘healthy’ individual my entire life, however, the term health wears a variety of hats and is ever changing in my opinion.

Now here is my confession: I’ve been dealing with acne issues for a long time, which started as random cystic acne here and there through adolescence and into my early twenties, but it wasn’t until the last 3 – 4 years that I would say my skin got really bad.  This was something I NEVER talked about and really haven’t talked about, because I always felt if I didn’t mention it maybe people wouldn’t notice.  I was also embarrassed by it, it would take every ounce of strength inside of me to show my face at the grocery store, attend various work meetings or social obligations, and would sometimes “adjust plans” out of not wanting another human to look at the skin on my face. There is an onslaught of emotions to dealing with acne. 

And upon being suggested various topical treatments and things to try and spending a decent amount of money on topical nothing seemed to work. However, deep down I always intuitively knew none of it was going to work because my skin was trying to highlight something deeper going on inside of me.  I couldn’t explain and really still can’t now, except that now I have proof that my intuition wasn’t lying to me (as she never does) and I couldn’t accept the topical treatments because I wasn’t dealing with a topical issue. 


A few factors contributed to this over my life time and I could try to place blame or association on various life events such as getting sick overseas and needing to go on heavy antibiotics for thirty days, all the hormone injected and antibiotic induced meat I’d been consuming most of life, candy and sugary processed foods, diet coke (again chemical and sugar), heavy drinking and late night eating, and even my reaction to certain chemicals like Tide laundry detergent; which all played a part there is no doubt about it, but the root cause was my digestion.  I’ve more or less been constipated my entire life – and I don’t joke about this, when I say my entire life, I literally mean since I was two or three years old.  And yes, this is the part of the story where I openly talk about poop. I went to a child poop doctor to help me “feel comfortable taking a BM” and since then always feared that my inability to poop on a regular basis would lead to cancer later on down the road.  Thanks to the rise of gut health, candida awareness, marketing of health & wellness topics, and fellow influencers talking about health which lead to my fascination with the Medical Medium. I was immediately plummeted down a holistic road of understanding plants, herbs, supplement combinations, infrared light therapy, meditation, movement, cleanses, what’s actually going on inside our bodies, etc. 

Spoiler alert: it is all connected. Health is a balance of everything that goes on in our lives. 

However, it wasn’t until the beginning part of this year that I learned and understood that the first step to health was regulating my digestive system which was clearly all out of wack! Aside from my acne and poop issue I felt as though I was beginning to experience brain fog, fatigue, a new sense of irritability I’d never experienced before, and would randomly be sent to bed with what I considered to be mass migraines and onset nausea from the migraines. Which none of these are misdiagnoses, but as I learned are further linked to what’s going on inside of me. We are typically told such symptoms are a part of life, what happens when we get older, stress, work related symptoms, etc. and this is so far from the truth it is heartbreaking and sickening to think of what we’ve been trained to believe as a society(but that is for another conversation). Anyway, that leads us to this February where upon trying to naturally save myself from getting an oncoming flu, I accidentally took the perfect combination of internal and external practices to suddenly find myself passing worms in the toilet two days later. And yes for those interested, I did also curb my flu symptoms and didn’t end up getting the flu. 

And yes, for those stuck on the word ‘worms,’ I am talking about worms, parasites, yeast overgrowth, etc. it was all suddenly leaving my body. This is nothing to be alarmed of, as upon passing these creatures it means they are dead and that something you are doing is finally killing them inside of you. The fact that they are inside of you is what you such be alarmed of, and more so the fact of how many of us are unknowingly living with these and not knowing to do anything about it. So yes, this should alarm you to some extent but rest assured as you too can help your body rid these unwanted guests.

​Throughout that experience I suddenly experienced my body feeling lighter than ever, head was suddenly clear, and my skin seemed to almost appear to slightly clear up overnight. Those were the positives. Truth be told I was panicked as to what just came out of my body and didn’t know where to turn because it’s not often, we ask advice on our poop right? However, thanks to already being a recent fan of Organic Olivia’s herbal supplements, I stumbled upon her own similar experience and further delved into my own research, which completely calmed me down and confirmed that this was actually a good thing and no I didn’t need to go check myself into a hospital.

In fact worms and parasites in the body are some of the most misdiagnosed issues along addressing digestive or gut imbalances and their root causes. More importantly, and so exciting and life changing… in trying to beat an oncoming flu I had accidentally given myself the perfect combination of foods, herbs, infrared sauna treatments, green coffee enemas, hot baths, and lots of rest to actually start killing these guys. Talk about the potential of ‘preventative health’ measures, this little (or big) discovery right here could have save me from severe medical issues down the road, cancers, etc. 

And then through that experience I stumbled upon Dani Ferguson, CN (Detoxing with Dani) a holistic style nurse of California who was actually coaching clients given her own experience with acne and digestive issues, bacteria build up in the gut, etc. I ended up working with Dani on a new program she was doing at the time and through that experience my skin and digestion completely started taking a turn in the most positive way I could have ever imagined. Now to get to the good you first have to rid yourself of the bad, so this wasn’t a simple two week fix to clear skin. As you can see in my photos, I still have a way to go and sometimes yes I will have naturally hormonal acne as my body is only 1 year off BC and still working to reregulate. Once we nailed down the internal issues, I can now take a better look at some topical issues, larger pores, skin microbiome, and things to still be adjusted.

It is a JOURNEY and I can’t express that enough.  In the journey I had to go through actually watching my skin detox as my body detoxed, in that things actually had to get worse before that could better.   And in that journey upon understanding that things were working I had to play around to really test it (just how I personally operate) in testing bringing back certain sugars, process gluten, dairy products, alcohol, etc. to prove that there is a direct correlation to this. And in all of this I’m speaking of myself as an individual, please don’t forget that. 

In my time with Dani a lot of what she was coaching me through were already healing modalities and things I knew and discovered in my own research, however, receiving the information through a trusted and certified source was the confirmation I needed. I look forward to one day being able to trust my gut and intuition whole heartily, but also believe working with professionals or trusty sources is a key to truly getting the results and help you need. Plus isn’t life more fun working as a team compared to always being solo? 

So, what exactly did I do, what did I learn, etc?   That’s something that will be reviewed later on, but long story short is none of the supplements and foods I was previously eating were helping me because my digestion was so off track. I learned about some the truth behind probiotics and various supplements, trustworthy brands and differing dosages, skincare tips, and a clearer understanding of the gut. On top of it my body was filled with parasites that were feeding on the occasional bad things I was feeding my body with, so they needed to be starved off first and then my digestion and bacteria needed a boost and rehab following. I had a stool test done in which we discovered the various bacterial imbalances, high amounts of estrogen in me, and more. I will recommend a stool test to everyone as it provides such a deeper understanding to your health. I learned that certain bacterial imbalances currently in my gut could lead to extremely severe health conditions and disease later down the road… aside from the beauty aspect of “wanting clear skin” imagine if I had no clue what was going on in my body to then receive a life threatening diagnosis later in life? I will get off my soap box I promise, but the occasional headaches, joint soreness, memory issues, and so many more symptoms are nothing to take lightly. Our bodies do their best to tell us what is going on and it is our job to listen to their warnings and take action.

​In the process I eliminated gluten, dairy, sugars (not fruit), eggs, corn products, alcohol, lots of oils and really anything that is chemically processed, high levels of stress, and anything that doesn’t serve me. Now that we have cleared cystic acne for good – and you have no idea how freeing this is, I can finally feel confident in my own life.  Now I can focus on my pores, view my skin as an image of what’s going on inside my body, as our bodies are so much wiser than we all know them to be, and in the process hold so much gratitude for my health and this journey.

​I’ve also been someone who has never enjoyed wearing makeup and only wore it to cover my own insecurities with my skin and hopefully make the imperfections disappear.

To now be able to confidently go without makeup equally feels so much aligned with who I truly am. Sure thing I have larger pores, sun damage, acne scaring, and small bumps I’m still working to reduce along with the occasional hormonal rises, but life isn’t supposed to be a packaged tour right?  It’s a journey. Through my own experiences I hope this story will help you not only fall back in love with yourself, but to appreciate yourself for where you’ve been and where you are going. And if all else fails please hold compassion for yourself.


I now have a better understanding of how unique each of us are, the different bacteria’s and balances or imbalances that reside in each of us, for while you may be able to eat all the cheeseburgers and French fries that you want, my body simply cannot handle it. 

And with that comes a lot of balance too, I’ve been experimenting these last 30 days to see how I respond to alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten, etc. and I’ve found that it does not mix with my body.  So, while there will be times I occasionally pop and extra digestive enzyme to help get my body through special occasions (because life), there will be lots of times I will unapologetically deny scenarios because this new meaning to the word ‘health’ aligns more with me than anything ever has before.  That’s also not to be said that my journey is over, my journey is nowhere near over and will be a continuous exploration, but the progress I’ve made so far will stay in my heart forever. 

**Please note that this story, my own perspectives, findings, etc. belong to me and I am not a trained medical professional, nor do I claim to be an expert in any of the areas I reference. It is always recommended to check with your doctor before making any changes to your own health.

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