A pause is happening and is being forced upon us and for most of us this is a time we’ve all known and felt we’ve needed for many years, yet haven’t been able to make it happen.

Well here it is – so we might as well dive in headfirst and enjoy it right? As a collective society which has virtually everything we want at the press of a button, one would think slowing down and taking a “much needed break” would come easy as well.  Looks like the joke is on all of us this time, right?

I know I’ve been feeling all the things I should be productively doing, and in return exchanging a set of emotions as if there is too much to do!  Suddenly my inbox has been flooded with free courses, webinars, live workouts, etc. which is amazing and I’m so grateful but now I feel the pressure to take advantage and complete all of it right? On top of it, also receiving different pressures from different generations as to the “work we should be doing” and using our time efficiently during this time too. However, it is so important to remember that while this pause has the ability to spark moments of creativity, and we should lean into that; we should also be cautious of when the ego is trying to jump in to push us back into our comfort zone of doing “all the things” and not stopping until our to-do lists have regenerated into new to-do lists.

To truly slowdown in this time of pause takes a lot of work. In fact, I’ve been experiencing my own form of a break (which I’ve been searching for the last 5+ years) since January and it has taken me a full three months before I could mentally be totally okay with going slower. Changing habits and wired ways of thinking is tough. It took at least three months for me to stop waking up wondering what I needed to get done that day, wondering what emails were waiting for me on my phone or fearing what I could have possibly done wrong the previous day that was coming to haunt me on that new day.  All these thoughts happening to someone who does practice morning rituals, understands and practices manifestation, the power of releasing fear-based thoughts, meditation, etc.

After all, in the year 2020 we’d all be lying if we didn’t admit that no matter how our fine-tuned our wellness routines are, the power of our minds and technology ridden lifestyles still creep up to get the best of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suddenly living this enlightened life three months later, but I am able to actually enjoy my morning routine seven days a week and wake up thinking what can I do for me, instead of always about what I could do for others or what others are constantly needing from me.  It has taken me just about three months to finally reprogram my mind and get to a point where going slow feels good again, my email doesn’t own me, and neither does anyone else’s expectations as to how I should be utilizing my time. And in effect my natural sense of creativity, wonder, curiosity, and overall passion for life came back full swing. All just in time for our entire world to shut down to an invisible force we know to be COVID-19.

Don’t get me wrong, COVID-19 hasn’t been a walk in the park for me either, it has been its own eye-opening, shocking, and grounding experience. A lot of hardship has been created. However, there has also been a tiny glimmer of hope, a silver lining resting underneath of it as well. A chance for us to all wake back up. Wake back up to not only save our planet but to save ourselves as human species.

​It’s funny because I’ve needed this break for the last five years and someone who has lived on this earth far longer than me would probably scoff as to how someone in their mid-twenties or thirties would need a break so badly. But that is where we are as a collective society.  And it is absolutely awful. We aren’t far off from emails and cell phones becoming known as the next chronic diseases, if they aren’t labeled as that already. We have become so unaware of our own needs that those in their twenties, a mere few years into the work force, are begging for breaks before they burnout if they haven’t already.  That’s not sustainable is it?  A world full of burned out individuals crawling through life with anxiety and depression oozing from their skin cells.

It’s not sustainable and it is the reason chronic illness is becoming a critical issue not only in the U.S. but throughout our entire world. New statistics show that annually, 70% of deaths are caused by chronic illness. And what breeds chronic illness? Stress. Poor health. Poor nutrition. Processed foods. Not enough Vitamin D. Anxiety. Depression. Poor digestion. Weakened immune systems. Toxins.

Just like our way of living and treating our planet has not been sustainable either. Really if you look at it, nothing we’ve been doing is sustainable; not the way we treat ourselves or our neighbors or our beautiful planet we are so fortunate to live on.  Which in effect means we haven’t been living in our true powers, our greatest versions or being the best we can be in this lifetime. We are living by default, hiding our deepest passions in order to conform, and listening to how others think we should be living and who the media wants us to be.

So, as some may speculate something had to change, something had to be done to get us as humans to a look at not only the way we were living (and knew deep down we needed a change), but the way we were treating our planet.  Mother Earth swept in to help us. Help clean her own airways and oceans, give the trees and animals reason to sing again and throw in just enough drama and fear to force every human to take a moment to stop and pause.

Force families to spend more time together in the last three weeks then they’ve spent the last three years. Force us to actually tend to our gardens, fix up the weak spots in our homes, and best of all enjoy the grass and fresh air embodying our back yards.  Force us to get back into our own kitchens cooking meals with love for our families and loved ones, take notice of our own health and ability to withstand disease, and reset our circadian rhythms. Force us to suddenly need human connection, reconnecting our relationships and forming new ways to give and receive and love.

Simply slow down, take a breath and soak in the present moment.

Soak in and embody the present moment in order to reprogram ourselves back to how we should be living as humans. For it’s never too late to make a change in one’s life, sometimes a little forceful motivation is all that is needed.

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