Since it’s my birthday month and I’m in my last several days of closing out my first year in the 30s … I figured it was time to share some of my recent reflections and observations of this past year. This has been a huge year for all of us, collectively and on individual levels as well. So many of us have shifted, grown, faced the darkness, you name it. I strongly feel that now is the time to really go within and reflect on all that’s occurred and transpired for you. And as always, remember that you are the only one in control of your own happiness.

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to start living your life for YOU.

Alright so, a few fun updates:

• My Flagler College Sports Management Bachelors degree is still somehow relevant as my entrepreneurial journey is now full-time in the health & wellness industry
• This time last year I was deeply questioning my decision to live in FL and now I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Also still sending prayers to everyone else around the U.S. and globe.
• Our Australian Labradoodle, Moka, is officially a pup mom!
• I still live for my moments spent in the sun, watching the sunrise or sunset, and being by the water. Preferably salt water if I had to be picky 🙂
• Dan’s health is still going strong (stronger than ever) and so is our marriage ❤️

In the last year I …

• Became an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach
• Started my own podcast: Loving Your Own Soul 💫
• Adopted a fully plant-based lifestyle
• Folded 1 company and started another
• Removed all substances from my life in order to now intuitively gauge if/when something serves me
• Learned more about trademark law than I ever would have liked
• Regained my faith in humanity and learned a lot about us as a collective, but even more so about the individual perspectives and beliefs
• Spent more time with Dan in our 5 years of being together
• Survived my first pandemic 😷
• Guided dozens to bettering their lives through healing their internal in order to change their external realities
• Learned that I have everything I need and my happiness is my choice
• Chose love over fear
• Exercised “saying no” & my world didn’t end 😅
• Became more in tune with my intuition, the Universe, my higher powers and guides ✨
• Slowed way way way down and it’s been magical and highly transformational
• Spent the least amount of time on an airplane or in a car than ever before
• Made so many connections
• Reconnected to my voice 💙
• Healed myself from the inside out 🌿

In what ways have you shifted over the last 12 months? Let me know in the comments below! Love you!

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