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At one point in my life I struggled with food, body image, and balance in every form of the word. Fad diets, starving myself (never lasted too long), binge eating, acne, running on zero, burn out, and comparison syndrome are all too familiar to me. 

Instead I wanted to be able to eat freely, feel great, not think twice about my body or health and just feel plain awesome every day. 

It wasn’t until I struggled to answer the question “what do you like to do for fun?” that I realized I had completely disconnected from the true, real me. So I took matters into my own hands and I got my life back. And I didn’t just get my life back I manifested and cultivated the most beautiful life I could imagine. And guess what? You can too. 

Coaching Services

1:1 Holistic Wellness Coaching

No commitment wellness coaching sessions. Just like going to the dentist, sometimes a few sessions and a new outlook in life is all you need. These sessions are unique to you and your specific needs at the time. Together we will pave your path to total wellness and once you feel you’re ready to go out on your own, know that the safe space we created will always welcome you back.

1:1 Holistic Wellness Monthly Package

3 or 6 Month Partnership. This is a proven path to your truest, healthiest, most balanced self where you’ll learn the tools to feel in control of your well-being, free yourself from current limitations, and discover your true potential in this lifetime. After all, your health is multidimensional so let’s make sure we are looking at the full picture. In addition to coaching sessions, package may include meal plans, recipes, morning routines, intention setting exercises, text support, access to workshops, and more!

Lifestyle Tune Up

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle often feels confusing, intimidating, and overly complicated. The amount of marketing campaigns and “expert opinions” flooding your feed don’t always have your best interest in mind. And at this point the true definition of "health" has become muddied. My goal is to help you gain a clearer understanding on the best ways for you to support your body in this modern world.

9 Week Program - Life in Balance

This program is a virtual, self-paced nine week process to bring balance and new direction to your mind + body + soul. 



Join Britt for a FREE 4 DAY SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE to nourish your mind, body, and soul! 

What’s Included?


Starts: Tuesday, June 8th!

Modern Wellness Community Mornings

Join us for an empowering morning with fellow community members, health and wellness experts, entrepreneurs, creatives, and outstanding humans looking to connect. This is your chance to learn something new, receive support and guidance, or simply start your morning off inspired and with uplifting beings. 

These events are held in the mornings over Zoom so that you can comfortably join from any location! Attendees will receive a new breakfast recipe + shopping list and additional handouts.

Next Event: APRIL 2021 


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“Britt’s podcast provides an excellent space for focusing on a well rounded approach to wellness and her coaching style mirrors this too. While most wellness podcasts and blogs lean towards one specific topic (mental health, physical health, emotional health), Britt takes a multidimensional approach toward evaluating wellness. Thanks for creating this space Britt, looking forward to what the future holds!”

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“Britt with Ambu has not only transformed my life but also my mindset. She not only looks at the surface but also dives deep and looks at the root cause, and by doing that and being able to get to the root, I was able to reverse some immune dysfunction and gut issues I’ve been dealing with my whole life. She has helped me adapt my mindset to what my true instincts have been telling me to do, she gives you that extra confidence boost and keeps you accountable for what your goals are.”

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“Britt was able to help organize my thoughts and talk through a lot of my goals. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed before we sat down, and by the end of our conversation I was able to see things much clearer and create a plan of action. She’s very patient and provides an awesome perspective. I’d highly recommend working with her!”

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