Why Ambu?

Wherever water flows on this planet, you can be sure to find life.
Life is all around us and it’s within us. And just like water, balance is the key to life.

Focusing on our true nature as a human species, we utilize a comprehensive holistic approach
to realign your mind, body, and soul.

We believe you already hold the power to live the aligned life of abundance you’ve always dreamed of and our intention is to empower you every step of the way.

To keep it simple, we like to call it modern holistic wellness. 

Our Mission

To uplift, inspire, and encourage humans of today’s world to live a balanced life through taking a holistic approach to health & wellness.

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Find Your Balance

True longevity and genuine happiness come from finding balance in all areas of your life, starting with your health. Our promise is to work with you to ensure you are feeling empowered and inspired on your journey to your most balanced healthiest self. Learn more about the inspiration behind Ambu and meet Britt here.

We focus on 7 key areas
beneficial to your unique wellbeing

Nutrition & Food

Exercise & Movement 



Career & Finances

Creativity & Joy



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1:1 Coaching Services

This is a proven path to your truest, healthiest, most balanced self where you’ll learn the tools to feel in control of your well-being, free yourself from current limitations, reconnect to your intuition, and discover your true potential in this lifetime.

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9 Week Program

This program is a virtual, self-paced 9-week process to bring balance and new direction to your mind + body + soul. Get started on your journey today!

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Join Britt for empowering monthly events including evening cooking sessions & dinner dates, community mornings with wellness experts, virtual challenges, and more! 

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